26 November 2012


Banteay Chmar is one of the most exciting Khmer temples I have ever visited. It was long a dream to go to this huge temple, but because of it's remote location I had to put it off for almost 10 years. 

It was also not possible to visit the temple because of the remaining land mines, which have now been removed and because of it's bad state of conservation. 

Lots of efforts have now been completed and we decided to undertake the long day trip from Siem Reap to visit the temple during the rainy season, which was another risk! Had it rained on that day, we would for sure not have been able to get to the temple on the muddy dirt road, which was actually being worked on. 

We chose rainy season for our trip because of the lush green rain forest the temple is located in. Thank the Buddha, did we have a great sunny day all the way, with excellent light to view the many excellent bas-reliefs and pediments. We spent as much time in the temple as possible to enjoy every minute of this amazing visit.  There is not too much written about the temple yet, but as always I have my excellent tour guide with me and was accompanied by our amazing driver. 

Banteay Chmar is a huge temple, in the jungle and under restoration for years to come, so a proper plan to visit is an absolute necessity. It's an unforgettable experience though!