22 October 2012


Entrance to the Boutique Hotel
Before I go back to posting about temples, there is one more thing I need to write about - our hotel during our last stay. 

We had been in Siem Reap three times so far. First hotel was a beautiful resort but too quiet and anonymous. Second hotel was too far on the outskirts to really do anything in the town of Siem Reap, though nice and friendly. 

This last hotel was recommended (or rather not) by a friend in Singapore who said he stayed there and he could not recommend it!! But my brilliant tour guide actually brought me there during the second trip and I regretted the fact that I did not stay thereSo I booked it for this very recent visit. 

Pool Area

The Golden Banana Boutique (note!!) Hotel! I am saying "note" here because there are several hotels and resorts with the same/similar name in the proximity of this one, but I am only talking about the Golden Banana "Boutique" Hotel (and Boutique Resort)!  Obviously my friend had stayed at the "other one" before. 

Even during my brief visit I found it the friendliest staff I had ever met on my trips through Cambodia (given that I was not even a guest there). And I was amazed during this 10 day stay that the friendliness of the staff even exceeded my already high expectations. 

I never felt so welcomed and "at home" before! The staff was fluent in English and willing to practise it in an "non-bothersome way". I had great conversations with them during my evenings after visiting the temples. 

The room was great and spread out over two levels. Comfy beds, spacious room to store my luggage and a nice seating area upstairs to watch TV, which I never did! I rather used the free WiFi everywhere in the hotel.  It also has a nice balcony which overlooks the pool. 

I did my walks to the touristy Old Market and back but I really enjoyed eating at the restaurant of the hotel and having my drinks at the bar next to the pool.  The food at the hotel was really good - local and international. 

The staff of the hotel is very willing to "fix" things you point out to them. I could not have picked a better hotel for my stay and will for sure be back there on my next trip to Angkor Wat.

One of the "lounges"
I know there are huge new 5 star hotels in and around Siem Reap, but that is just not my thing. I like a personal experience when I stay somewhere and I want to feel welcomed. That is what the Golden Banana Boutique Hotel and Resort will excel at, in addition to providing a nice room at a great price. So, I give it my personal 5 stars!

Great food options!

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