29 May 2012

Phnom Penh tour guide

Visiting Phnom Penh at the moment and on the look out for Khmer temples in the southern part of the Kingdom of Cambodia. 

Today we visited the Royal Palace and while sitting in the shade taking a break, we overheard a local tour guide who was with some Asian customers saying: 

"This is a replica of Angkor Wat..." One second later turning around and pointing to the vendor on the side and saying "This is where you can buy drinks...Angkor Beer...Coke...Sprite...hehehe"

It caused us a good laugh and I was happy to have a much better tour guide myself :-)

The tourists bought some drinks and then went back to the model of Angkor Wat but their guide stood motionless next to them, without saying or explaining anything!

Hence I always come back making my initial point "what's in a tour guide

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